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Today more and more people prefer to purchase goods and order services on the Internet. In this case, it is advantageous to use prepaid virtual bank cards to make transactions. They are issued electronically. The most important advantage of a virtual bank card is security. Fraud is very common now. Criminals create sites that are completely similar to official ones, the symbols on the page may differ or some other little things that no one pays attention to. A person carelessly enters such a site, chooses a product, enters card data, and as a result, fraudsters receive them and can take your funds. If you use virtual card data, the threat will be less because you will charge it only for the amount required to pay for the product/service. In case you come across criminals, it is easier to block the virtual card and create a new one.

If you need to place the card number in public somewhere or give it to a stranger, then a virtual card is also safer. Someone may try to pick up other details to charge, but again the card will not have any funds to charge and can be quickly blocked and a new one opened.

It is very convenient to use virtual cards when subscribing to various services (online cinemas, etc.). Often, developers, in order to retain customers, very carefully hide or completely remove the function of unsubscribing from paid services and deleting the card. That is, if a person does not want to continue using a paid subscription after a certain period, he simply cannot do it. And if you are linked to a virtual card, then you can simply not replenish it with money, or block it altogether and open a new one in the future to resume use. If there is a main card on the paid services, then funds will be debited from it regularly, as soon as they arrive on the account. One more advantage – the virtual card can also be easily added to a smartphone for payment via NFC or with a QR code. These features are available on many phones.

So, to put it briefly, the main advantage of a virtual bank card is security. You can block it and restore it, or create a new one quickly and as many times as you want. If you are one of those people who constantly order something on the Internet and use paid services, then don't even think, but open a virtual card right away. You will definitely be satisfied with the result. When buying such a card, all the information necessary for payments via the Internet is contained on the check and in the SMS message that comes from the Bank to the mobile phone number you specified.

Using a Virtual Prepaid Card allows you to avoid the risk associated with providing the details of a regular bank card when paying for a purchase via the Internet.

The validity of the card is not less than 3 months and not more than 4 months. The limit on the card is also set, which helps you save your funds. You can choose any currency you need.

Card benefits:

  • By using a Virtual Prepaid Card, you can reduce the risk of online shopping fraud
  • The size of the limit of the Virtual Prepaid Card is determined by you at the time of its issuance. Nowadays we often make purchases online, we need to input our personal details and they can be stolen by hackers. The losses can be huge for you, depending on your limit. Of course, the same thing can happen with your prepaid card, but the loss will be limited to what you have left on your card. Unfortunately you may suffer a loss, but it will not be as enormous as on a credit or debit card.
  • You can issue an unlimited number of Virtual Prepaid Cards and use each one as you see fit. For example, register one card to pay for applications for your iPhone, transfer the second to a child to pay for online games.

On the other hand, the cons of this card include:

  • The obligation to top up the card each time the capital runs out. As long as you want to keep using it, of course
  • Buying is not allowed if you have no money
  • You cannot purchase on credit
  • In many cases, if it's lost, you can't justify a return because it's anonymous
  • Since it is not linked to a bank account, if it is lost, the capital can be lost. You don't have a bank service that allows you to always know the costs

The fact is that it can be made for a specific payment, and therefore, even if hackers get its data, they will not be able to use it.

If the client wants to deposit a larger amount on the account than he needs at the moment, in many banks you can set a certain limit, above which you cannot spend on this card. Some credit institutions additionally set the maximum monthly limit on their own. It is absolutely OK to worry that your prepaid card can be less safe than a debit one, but actually it does not correspond to reality. First of all prepaid cards as well as the debit cards are protected with a PIN and you simply cannot withdraw any money without the correct PIN code. Of course, when choosing a bank you have to ask for the details that are connected with the purchase protection. Virtual prepaid cards is a secure method of taking your money with you all the time.

Having your payment card details stolen can be a traumatic experience, especially if the card in question was a debit card tied to a bank account. Prepaid cards offer a safer alternative. You can just load a small amount onto them each time you need to make a purchase. If the card is compromised, there’s a limit to how much anyone could do with it.

To keep yourself as safe as possible we recommend you to use our CryptcardsTM virtual prepaid cards which you can buy online with bitcoin payments.