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Business Manager

Business Manager is a tool for companies, brands to manage pages, advertising offices, directories centrally.

What you can do with the help of a business manager

Manage Facebook pages and Instagram accounts in one place. Give access to your team and guest experts without sharing passwords.
Share data from your resources (e.g., your website visitor base) with partners and contractors, while maintaining control and audience privacy.
Use dynamic retargeting in an advertising campaign for an online store.

Using prepaid cards for multiple Facebook Ads Manager accounts

You can create an advertising account in two ways - with a profile or in Business Manager. An important point to pay attention to is the method of payment. Most often prepaid cards are used.
You can add an additional payment method and if there is no money on the main card, the additional card will be charged. If Facebook fails to write off funds, it stops all advertising campaigns in this cabinet and blocks some of the advertising setup and rights functions. As soon as you reload the card and make the payment, the ads will be shown again and all the functions of the advertising cabinet will work correctly.
! In Business Manager, which has Ads Manager with outstanding debts, the possibility to create new advertising accounts is blocked. We recommend to create Ads Manager, Business Manager with the profile of a real person, whose identity can be proven by documents, the avatar of the profile should be his photo. Everything related to business promotion, advertising launch, Facebook carefully checks, and for any suspicious activity, a hint of violation of the rules, can be blocked. In the case of a real profile, you can easily resolve this issue with support, you will only need to send documents. If your Facebook profile has a fictitious name and a pussycat on your avatar, it will take much longer to resolve the issue, or the problem will not be resolved at all.

Why do I need multiple Facebook ad accounts?

To create several different tracking pixels.
If you want to bring visitors back to the site, to use so-called retargeting, you will need to install the Facebook code on the site. By default, only 1 universal pixel (the new name for the FB pixel is Meta Pixel) of visitor tracking can be created in a single ad account. It can be flexibly set up under different conditions. But putting it on multiple sites of different clients is not convenient and silly. To create several different payment methods If you need to pay for different advertising campaigns by means of different PayPal accounts or bank cards (and there are simply no other payment methods) - you can create several Fb-accounts. In principle, you can link various cards to one advertising account in Business Manager..
For convenient management of clients' advertising campaigns If you are a freelancer or agency, you constantly have to work with several advertising campaigns in different niches. Of course, it's more convenient to do it from multiple advertising accounts. To differentiate rights..
Working with freelancers, or internal employees? You can differentiate access rights to pages and groups, budgets, campaigns, and everything else..
To run traffic arbitrage and when you need to spend more than 500 usd a day. Also, small budgets for your campaigns help to prevent account blocking..
For example, you can create 100 Facebook Ads Manager accounts with the same Ad campaigns but with different cards connected to the account to reach high speed of ads impressions.