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Cryptcard virtual prepaid credit cards are Visa and MasterCard cards with prepaid balance issues and provided by stable banks in the United States. They have the same options with regular debit cards, but it is not reloadable and not verified and associated with a person. Our cards are virtual and you get only card details to your email address and don't get physical card. Primary it can be used for online payments, subscriptions and services, also you can add cards to the Apple Pay / Google Pay wallets and pay offline.

Is Cryptcard anonymous payment tool?

Yes, it is completely anonymous. You pay bitcoin for your cards and we do not store any data of these transactions on our side. All our cards are issued for companies accounts without personal details and not associated with anny person and you can be sure that it is strong safety way to make your payments invisible.

All our cards assume complete anonymity of our customers and we do not request to provide any personal data any cases. Your personal data verification is not necessary because of corporate origin of cards.

No, unfortunately cards are not reloadable, but you always can buy another one card.

We recommend not to make many small payments at the same time, if you want to do many small payouts you have to do at least 60 sec pauses between payouts. It is not strong restriction but recommendation because of cases of cards blocking while customers tried to made payots this way. Also, make sure you use trust C2C interface to make transfers to another cards, because if you use not trusted interface banks can mark these operations as suspicious and lock the card.

There are some cases like when you try to do masspayments from the card in the same time when banks mark you transfers as suspicious and lock your cards. If you are sure you have enough funds for transaction but you see an error "Something went wrong" or another like that, most likely your card is blocked by the bank. To unlock the card first stop trying to make a transfer and wait for 60 minutes.

You can not withdraw money from any virtual card in the world. If necessary, you can try to connect the card to the Paypal to send money via Paypal to your physical card and withdraw money from it.

Prepaid cards are not reloadable and that is the reason why you can not receive any money transfers to it. You can only get refunds from merchants where you made payments with your card.

We provide cards with large validity period and usually it is not less than 12 months from the date of card ordering. Big amount cards have extended period of validity up to 60 months. We hope it is enough to use all funds from the card.

Yes, you can connect virtual cards to your Paypal account and use it for Paypal verification and payments. We recommend to connect only one Cryptcard to the Paypal account in the same time.

Yes, you can get a refund if you would not use the card anymore. We return 50% of card balance to your crypro wallet. In order to prevent additional comission and merchants charges first we will hold the card for 10 days and after we will send transfer to the crypto wallet from you request.

Sure, you can. USD will converted automatically when you will pay in non-US store. Convertation rate will depends on current bank rate, usually it is around currency exchange rate plus about 1% bank comission for convertation.